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March 25 2017

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Bowling im Schwarzlicht
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Flo&Christiane machen Raclette *omnomnomnom*

March 24 2017

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Do they just inch over when the sun moves?

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Erdogan, Quote:

„Wenn ihr euch weiterhin so benehmt, wird morgen kein einziger Europäer, kein einziger Westler auch nur irgendwo auf der Welt sicher und beruhigt einen Schritt auf die Straße setzen können" Quelle: https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article163067451/Bald-kein-Europaeer-mehr-sicher-auf-den-Strassen.html
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--c3o on Twitter
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International Open Hackerspace Day
"On the 25th of March 2017, hackerspaces everywhere will open their doors for everyone who wants to know what real hackers are and what they do."  --wiki.hackerspaces.org/International_Open_Day_2017
We show off our Hackspace with various projects that people have done here. If you've always wanted to visit the Metalab, this event would be an excellent opportunity to get a tour. Of course there is no registration required. Just drop by and get a pancake from Amalettomat. 
Sat, 2017-03-25, starting 14:00 at the Metalab, Vienna 1, Rathaustr. 6 https://metalab.at/wiki/International_Open_Hackerspace_Day
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March 23 2017

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