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December 02 2012

Another T-Shirt created with 's --MacLemon
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First results of the #cuttr workshop at metalabvienna made by --MacLemon
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A little more challenging to print on trouser legs because of the seams. But worked! #cuttr metalabvienna  --MacLemon
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More T-Shirt results from metalabvienna's #cuttr workshop #TetrisLove --MacLemon
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We've got a Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter with cloth-press.


December 01 2012

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taschen bedrucken by consti
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taschen bedrucken by consti
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November 30 2012

Vinylplotter / Cuttr-Workshop
Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012, 18:00-20:00
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October 16 2012

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Lazy @metafunk Sunday at Symposion Lindabrunn

• reverse door handle ✔
• measure door dimensions ✔
• apply @cuttr MetaFunk logo ✔
• enjoy art exhibit ✔
• lounge in autumn sun ✔
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September 13 2012

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Bday present T
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Bday present T

July 21 2012

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July 10 2012

8 Jul T-Shirt baking @metalabvienna with our cuttr. Thanks a to Adrian for helping me! (Yes, that is rainbow glitter foil.)
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July 02 2012

June 26 2012

strom ist komisch shirt done
#metalab‬ ‪#elektronikkurs2012‬
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April 05 2012

Initiative für Netzfreiheit!!!
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More Netzkinder!
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